Tree Work Carried Out With Care & Consideration

What We Offer

We offer a comprehensive tree maintenance service throughout North Wales. We maintain substantial insurance cover. All work is carried out by our qualified, skilled and experienced staff.Tree pruning is carried out to British Standards 3998 ‘Recommendation for Tree Works’.

Tree Surgery

Operations undertaken to minimise dangers and alleviate other problems whilst often improving the trees appearance and its useful lifespan. All aspects of tree surgery are covered with a particular emphasis on Deadwooding, Crown lifting, Crown Thinning, Crown Reduction and Tree Felling. To discuss your specific requirements, we will give you FREE impartial information and a quotation for any work required.

Our Services


The removal of dead, dying, diseased and damaged branches.


For weak forks and branches using cables, props or bolts.


Removal of lower branches to give increased clearance or light below.


Felling of dead, dying or dangerous trees or those which have outgrown their situation.


Lessening the crown density for improved passage of light and air.


Re-shaping trees which are dying back or have outgrown their situation.

Garden Services

Garden Clearance, Hedge Cutting, Fruit Tree Pruning

Other Services

Tree surgery : Tree felling : Stump removal : Deadwooding : Crown lifting : Crown Thinning : Crown Reduction : Tree Supporting : Planting : Pruning and Trimming : Garden Maintenance

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